Tijili is simply a blend of hip and traditional. Spending time in Tijili Benoa feels like dropping in on your hippiest artist friend - one with superb taste and terrific sense of what happening


"The ultimate definition of a fresh take"

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Our rooms at Tijili Benoa Offer an intimate and refined comfort, making every guest fell welcome. Choose your favourite room to spend your holiday.

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Tijili benoa bears a tribute to all things creative. A careful combination of trendy and traditional. Tijili Benoa is as varied and interesting as the people who choose to stay there. Our unique blend of traditional and trendy is what gives Tijili Benoa its charm.


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Drench into our art-oriented Benoa boutique hotel design that is attractively adorned with an ever-changing selection of art pieces, meticulously sourced from across the country. Filled with original design elements and artwork, Tijili Benoa Hotel is a pleasure to experience, with every corner opening up to new plays of texture, color and light.

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Located right on the beach of Tanjung Benoa. Tijili Benoa is everything you need with all facilities you need in Bali either Watersports, beach bar, gift shop and lounge. The hotel is just 15 minutes away from the Airport