Bali, September 2018, the emerge of online taxi businesses in the past few years has sparked debates in numerous regions in Indonesia as the new service is seen as a threat for the conventional taxi business. With such consideration, several areas in Bali, particularly Nusa Dua, have encouraged all tourism businesses within the area not to use online taxi to pick up guests in their business area.

In response to an incident occurred on Thursday, September 27, 2018 at the hotel’s lobby area, we referred to the regulations No. 35/DAB/VII/2018, No. 68/DAP/VII/2018, and No. 48/DAK/VII/2018 issued by Bualu, Peminge, and Kampial villages, along with our good will to seek for win-win solutions for all parties involved. The management of Tijili Benoa Hotel have held dialogues with all parties involved in the incident to reach the best solution.

“We deeply regret the irresponsible acts of certain parties who have distributed the video without providing the complete facts, thus creating misunderstanding among the public. The messages depicted from the video will tarnish Bali’s tourism industry and all parties involved in the island’s tourism industry,” said Patrick Le Provost, General Manager Tijili Benoa Hotel.

The management of Tijili Benoa Hotel also highlighted that as one of the accommodation destinations in Tanjung Benoa, the hotel allows the guests to arrange their own transportation. “We hope that the transportation business in Bali will continue to prioritize customer satisfaction. I personally view that the users of public transportations nowadays are smart in assessing their needs and have the rights to choose the type of public transportation that are suitable to their needs. We must prioritize the customers’ safety above all,” Provost added.

Based on the meeting with the local public transportation on Thursday (27/9), the management of Benoa Hotel and the local public transportation providers have agreed that the local drivers will operate outside of the hotel area as they are not a part of Tijili Benoa Hotel official transportation. This agreement is expected to prevent similar incident from occurring again the future.

Nara Hotels International Managing Director Francis Dehnhardt stated that, “Online taxi business is the result of information technology advancement that aimed to provide better, affordable, and more convenience transportation services with personal safety and security. These facts should encourage the local public transportation providers to enhance their services and performance standards to meet customer satisfaction and safety. The local transportation players are responsible in providing high quality services with favorable market mechanism for the public, both from the users and providers’ aspects. They are also responsible in enhancing the tourism industry.”

About Tijili Benoa

Tijili Benoa Hotel is located on quiet sandy beach in Tanjung Benoa, making it an ideal stay for family, solo travelers, and couples. Its facilities included 4 pools, 2 kitchens, 1 rooftop bar, gym, spa, children playground, and direct access to the popular Tanjung Benoa Water Sport, and cafés and restaurants area on Jl. Pratama and ITDC Complex-Nusa Dua.

About Tijili Seminyak

Tijili Hotel in Seminyak is an art-oriented boutique hotel with bohemian style, bearing tribute to all things creative. Authentic, charming, and highly original. Tijili Seminyak offers 120 rooms (4 junior suites, 3 deluxe corner, 67 deluxe balcony, and 46 deluxe). Splashes of color in hip ethnic patterns liven up the color scheme. The open design of the Ground Floor and its facilities, including the bar, lobby and pool, creates inviting spaces where people can mingle, have a drink, and hang out.

Tijili Hotel is a member of Nara Hotels International. Nara Hotels International is a full-service hospitality management that provides solutions to technical issues, pre-opening consultation, and day-to-day operational, sales and marketing management consultation for all hotels within the group. 

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